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Books I recommend:


The Edison Trait: Saving the Spirit of Your Nonconforming Child (Dynamos, Discoverers and Dreamers)


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Beyond ADD: Hunting for Reasons in the Past & the Present by Thom Hartmann


The Minds of Boys:
Saving our Sons from Falling Behind in School and Life

The ADD Nutrition Solution

More   books...




Gifted or ADD? Can you tell the difference?  Can your psychiatrist?

Overexcitabilities Used to Predict GiftednessThe same "overexcitabilities" which make up ADD are being used by researchers to identify kids that may be gifted.

Creative-Gifted A little-known type of giftedness is called Creative-Gifted and is common among people diagnosed with ADD.

Multiple Intelligences: A brief introduction into the concept of multiple intelligences.

The Intuitive Brain: There is linear thinking, and then there is intuition, a powerful mode of subconscious thinking which is superior in many ways to linear thinking, especially in picking up complex patterns. ADDers are often considered to be highly intuitive.

Famous People With ADD Traits: Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla.


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