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Shelton Lakes Recreation Path

Length: 1.9 mi. (north section);
2.4 mi. (south section)

Rating: Easy
Features:  Pine Lake, Silent Waters, and Hope Lake.
Trail Markings: Yellow
Suggested hike:  The “Bridge to Bridge” route (4.8 miles) uses most of the Rec Path plus a scenic section of Dominick Trail.

General Description: A work in progress, the Rec Path links the school campus area near downtown Shelton with Huntington Center. At it’s completion, the entire path will be 8 to 12 feet wide and handicapped-accessible, wending its way through 500 acres of forested public open space, and skirting three scenic reservoirs.

The Rec Path can be identified on the Shelton Lakes Trail Map by the long dash, and in the field by yellow blazes.

The first section of the Rec Path, near the Police Station, High School and Intermediate School has been surfaced with crushed stone.  Other sections are still natural earth hiking trails, but will be upgraded.

The beginning of the Rec Path is marked by a pedestrian bridge over the dam at Pine Lake (formerly Shelton Res.), visible from Shelton Avenue. The end of the trail is also marked by a pedestrian bridge, this one in Huntington Center, across the street from St. Lawrence Church.  The northern and southern sections of the Rec Path do not directly connect at this time, but by taking a scenic detour onto Dominick Trail you can hike the Rec Path from one end to the other.  We call this the “Bridge-to-Bridge Hike” (B2B).


Route acquisition: All of the proposed route has been acquired with the exception of one section about half way along the route.  This is why you need to detour onto Dominick Trail (orange) in order to reach Huntington Center. Where the route has been acquired, volunteers have constructed a trail.

Path surfacing: The first 1.25 mile has been graded 8-10 feet wide, and surfaced with crushed stone. It is appropriate for walking, baby strollers, wheel chairs, and bicycles.  Note that due to many curves, trees abutting the path, and drop offs, some sections may be a challenge for young children on bicycles, especially if the path becomes busy – parents should use discretion.

The remainder of the Path is currently a typical hiking trail not suited to baby strollers or street bikes, except for a short segment near Lane Street.

poster2.jpg (20362 bytes)This small section of the Rec Path poster shows the path route near the High School. The straight road going from left to right is Rt. 108.  To see the entire poster, click here.

For More Detail: If you would like to see a detailed design map showing phase I of the Rec Path, you can try to view it online:

click here for a TIF version (0.3 MB) – Netscape viewers may have problems if you don’t have a Quicktime component.

click here for a JPG version (7.7 MB). This will take a while to download, and it may not appear as clear as the TIF version. 

If you would like more detail about the Rec Path, you might want to download a report titled “The Recreation Path: Shelton’s Millennium Trail – Design Guidelines & Route Selection“.  This is a 4.2 MB file in a Microsoft Word format.  If you have a high-speed connection (DSL or cable) it should take about 1 minute to download.

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