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Potentially Negative Characteristics of Creative Individuals: A list that looks very much like ADD.

add_crea.gif (5297 bytes)Creativity and Invention: Would you rather have the ability to focus on really boring things all day long OR would you rather be an original thinker?  Choose only one because you can’t have both!

Coincidence of ADHD & Creativity: My summary of a great paper by Dr. Bonnie Cramond published by the National Resource Center for the Gifted and Talented. Order form included (Univ. of Conn.)

Coincidence of ADHD & Creativity: An online reprint of the actual paper by Dr. Bonnie Cramond. 

Evolution, Creativity & ADD:  This was my original Born To Explore article, in which I argue against the “disorder” designation based on theories of evolution, genetic diversity, and the obvious need for creativity for a human population to survive.