Marijuana and ADHD: Can Marijuana Relieve the Symptoms of ADHD?

For many years now, marijuana advocates have claimed that marijuana is incredibly effective at relieving ADHD symptoms. Allegedly, it can reduce irritability, anxiety, and lack of restraint. But are these arguments actually true?

Does Marijuana Really Help With ADHD?

Claims that marijuana is incredibly therapeutic and helps relieve symptoms of ADHD are all over the Internet. Various forums and blogs contain testimonials from ADHD patients stating that getting high is the best remedy they can think of. What’s more, very few of them reported experiencing any side-effects and issues caused by marijuana.

In fact, marijuana does have several effects similar to those of ADHD meds. They include increased appetite, pain relief, and decreased anxiety and stress levels. Therefore, it is possible that marijuana can help with symptoms such as impulsivity and hyperactivity.

However, all the evidence related to marijuana’s influence on ADHD symptoms is completely anecdotal. So far, there haven’t been any medical studies that can prove these claims.

Risks of Using Marijuana with ADHD

Even though marijuana may be a bit helpful when it comes to pain and anxiety, using it regularly is quite risky. After all, it has plenty of side-effects. They may prove detrimental both to our mental and physical health.

Brain Development and Thinking Issues

Long-term marijuana users are likely to suffer serious brain-related complications, especially if they’re suffering from ADHD. In time, their ability to focus and make decisions, as well as their memory, will deteriorate. In addition, they are prone to depression and anxiety. Also, they have lower life satisfaction compared to people who do not use marijuana.

To make things worse, marijuana can also have a negative influence on brain development. This problem is especially severe if the user is still a child. Since the brain hasn’t developed completely yet, drugs such as marijuana can cause serious alterations. Therefore, it is not safe for anyone under the age of 25 to use marijuana.

Physical Health Problems

ADHD patients who use marijuana regularly usually have less developed verbal skills. Moreover, chronic bronchitis is also quite common. Other issues include nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and tachycardia.

Drug Addiction

According to several studies, children diagnosed with ADHD are incredibly likely to try marijuana for the first time while they are still minors. Also, ADHD patients are far more likely to get addicted to drugs and alcohol than other users.

Marijuana vs. ADHD Meds

The main goal of ADHD meds is to increase the levels of neurotransmitters. That way, they relieve ADHD symptoms. However, these meds can also have plenty of side-effects. These include weight loss, irritability, and sleeping disorders. What’s more, they are not always effective enough to treat all ADHD symptoms. Therefore, plenty of patients resort to other remedies — most commonly, drugs such as marijuana.

Yet, using marijuana while on ADHD therapy is risky. Marijuana can reduce the efficacy of these meds, especially if it is used for a longer period.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that many ADHD patients found marijuana incredibly helpful with their symptoms. However, we should bear in mind that there is still no scientific evidence that can prove these claims. Also, let’s not forget that marijuana has plenty of adverse health effects. Therefore, instead of trying marijuana, it is far safer to consult a doctor and find a healthy, effective medication.

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