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Temperament and ADD


“Temperament implies the sum total of characteristics that are innate or inherent and the result of one’s physical or nervous organization.”“Disorder – Sickness, ailment; to disturb the natural functions of body or mind; to derange.” (Webster’s Dictionary)


Streaker Bees: A short example of how temperament variation in a social species helps a population thrive.

ADHD as a Disorder of Adaptation. My summary of a technical paper published in 1997 which validates many of Thom Hartmann’s “radical” ideas about ADDers being “Hunters in a Farmer’s World.”

MBTI Temperament Types: An introduction into the Jungian temperament classification system, and a link to the Keirsey on-line temperament test. Many ADDers visiting this site have been astounded at the description of their temperament, and the majority have tested out as one of four minority temperament types, which collectively represent only 8% of the population.

The DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria – A Closer Look.  A comparison between the diagnostic criteria for ADD and temperament traits of certain MBTI types.

Temperament DefinitionsA quick reference to Jungian/MBTI temperament typing

Temperament Quotes Part I – Most Common ADD Types on the InternetENTP, ENFP, INFP, INTP: Quotes are from the book “Nuture by Nature.” These are the easily the most common temperaments on the internet for adults who say they are ADD although they make up a total of less than 10 percent of the general population

Careers for Explorers by MBTI Type: Most career lists for ADDers are seriously flawed because they treat ADDers as if they are all the same.  We’re not! This page focuses on your MBTI type as well as taking ADD traits into consideration.

MBTI Prayers (humor): Look at the prayers for INFP and ENFP, the most common ADD types at this site.   Revealing!

Disorder Vs. Temperament Debate:  My argument as to why the assumption that ADD is a “defect” or disorder is wrong.

Comparison of ENTP, ADD, and Creative Traits: I started comparing the traits of one of the MBTI temperament types (mine) to traits associated with ADD and the highly creative.